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ICE Connect Virtual Summit Europe

Categories: iGaming Events, Uncategorized @roBy Published On: iunie 15th, 2021

ICE Connect is a platform for trading that has has connections over the entire global market, and also over the booming iGaming industry.  ICE Connect has become the leading company in building connections within the gaming industry and concentrating on partnering strong decision-makers with influential trade commodities supplies. 

ICE Connect, which is an algorithm-based digital market-place, has showed as extremely beneficial to the casino industry. And it can facilitate the establishment of connections between providers of gaming software and bookmakers.

ICE Connect Europe is a virtual summit that will take place between 21st and 25th June. The virtual meeting brings together all the decision-makers and the most powerful industry suppliers, while facilitating the formation of essential partnerships in the industry. The virtual summit is the perfect occasion for iGaming brands and companies which are looking to expand  their network and make connection with many other experts in the industry who would invest and provide them with useful advice.

The  purpose of the event of 2021 ICE CONNECT Virtual Summit Europe is to  form a strong future of the gaming industry with the assistance of decision-makers and influencers. The summit’s main goal is to establish better management of price and currency risk as well as other growth factors.

The ICE Connect agenda addresses the business-critical issues currently facing the industry, including pandemic response and the growth of online. Among the contributors appearing are Anne-Jaap Snijders, Chief Commercial Officer, Kindred Group; Sandeep Tiku, Chief Operating Officer, Entain Group; Anton Rublevskyy, Chief Executive Officer, Parimatch International; Wolfgang Bliem, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Casino Luzern, Tim Parker, Chief Operating Officer, SuperSeven and Paul Adkins, Marketing and Operations Director, Betway Group. The key themes that will be discussed are an in-depth analysis of the transforming for the whole world pandemic situation  the change of the iGaming industry and the impact on merchants and operators. Other than that, these topics are treated with topmost priority in these Virtual summits:

  1. Differentiating the gaming experience: improving acquisition, enhancing loyalty
  2. Tracking consumer trends and player behaviour
  3. Reducing time to market for new gaming products
  4. Innovating the payments process in the age of cryptocurrency
  5. Global sports betting growth and the e-sports revolution
  6. Pandemic response and the shift to online
  7. Land-based gaming in a post-pandemic world
  8. Regulation, brand reputation and responsible gambling

The summit has the task to increase the consumer experience and create a competitive core which uses new business strategies and knows how to use the new innovations fee the needs of the gaming market. The implementation of these new technologies in the gambling and sportsbook industry is an important follow-up step. The attendees will also get access to exceptional knowledge of the latest industry trends by the leading experts in the ICE gaming network. Important networks are established with various industry innovators, and the route of the future landscape of the gaming market is fixed in these virtual 1:1 meetings.

ICE Connect is powered by Quartz Events, a Clarion-owned company and market-leading producer of invitation-only executive summits. Active in North America for 15 years, the Quartz model regularly sees more than 200 senior executives – across multiple industries – participate in circa 3,000 meetings and consume 20+ hours of exclusive content.

ICE CONNECT has always been the international leader in bringing together the entire community of the iGaming industry, which includes thousands of executive figureheads. It facilitates countless new partnerships and dramatically metamorphoses the iGaming landscape as it is now. In partnership with Quartz Events, it is empowering the entire industry with one-to-one meetings.

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