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Why is so important and why every gambling company should adopt it.

Gamification can be used in many areas like in business and education, and the general idea revolves around taking a specific activity and using game elements to enhance that activity. When it comes to playing a casino game, it can be difficult to understand how gamification can be used, but when applied properly, it allows players to have many more opportunities and can lead to some serious prizes and great rewards. There are two main parts to gamification: activities and rewards. With online casinos, the activity will be playing various casino games, but the activity that is being rewarded could be related to things other than playing games, such as liking a casino site on a social media platform or by installing the mobile app that is offered. It is a simple concept and can be applied to many aspects when it comes to online gambling.

In regards to the rewards system, online casino players will benefit from rewards that provide a monetary gain or more chances to win. These can include casino bonuses, free spins, comp points, loyalty rewards and more. If players perform an activity, they will be rewarded for it. It is that simple. One thing that online casinos focus on when using gamification is incremental earnings, which means players will not be rewarded for tasks right away but will have to work towards a goal that is met over a period of time. An example would be playing 100 slot spins to claim a reward or logging in to the casino account for a set number of days to get a special bonus.


Over the past 10 years, online gambling has changed in many ways and much of this is due to the constant changes in technology, such as the introduction of tablets and smartphones that can be used to access casino sites. With these devices, players have more access to casino games and it has led to the development of new casinos on a regular basis. The competition in the industry is huge and each casino will want to offer something that makes them stand out in the crowd and will attract new players. The question is not so much about how to attract players, but how to keep them coming back to the site for all their gambling needs.

It is usually not enough to just offer popular games and high paying bonuses. Players demand more and this is where gamification can come into play. In online casinos, gamification is not just a fad and hundreds of casino operators have enjoyed the benefits of using this tool. Gamification attracts players, causes more interaction and creates a loyal player base for a casino site. The aim of casinos that use gamification is to make sure that players have an enjoyable experience that will encourage them to return to the site. It is a perfect situation for both the operator and the player when there are incentives to make sure players remain loyal to a site.


When an online casino makes use of gamification, it is all about increasing player retention and creating loyalty. Many casino sites will use various methods that can include a special sign up bonus or a referral reward to help increase membership. While these are beneficial, there are strict terms and conditions and in some cases, these will not encourage players to return to the site. However, there are other methods of gamification that will increase retention and get players coming back for more gambling action.

Loyalty points are used at most online casinos and when gamification is used, this type of rewards program goes to a new level. Players will become involved in the casino community and will enjoy rewards that offer new levels, special bonus offers, the ability to earn badges and additional casino credits. Many current loyalty programs have multiple tiers and each will offer better benefits, motivating the player to return to the site to play real money games.

Some online casinos are introducing goals and players will have different targets to meet, which will motivate them to play more often to achieve these goals. There are also leaderboards that are used and these are amazing gamification incentives. They require players to monitor their status to see where they rank and will encourage them to return to improve their positions on the leaderboards.

Social sharing is another technique of gamification that is being used and this is a way to get players to refer friends and share leaderboard stats, badges and goals and even loyalty points on different social media sites. In return, the casino will provide rewards that can include special bonuses and more loyalty points.


Game are played for enjoyment. Casino hope that if you incorporate the enjoyable elements of game-playing into mobile gambling, the gambling experience that result will be more enjoyable than it would be, ordinari.