Galaxy Starters

Galaxy Starters offer a full suite of tools for player management including CMS, CRM, Gamification Bonus Engine, Player communication management tool, KYC and compliance tools to make your product uniq on market.

All this granularly showed with reporting and business intelligence tools integrated in the platform. To leverage the operations and the business development of our partners, Galaxy-Starters has, within its functionalities, a portfolio of currencies (over 35 currencies around the world), multi-language approach with an integrated tool to localize the content in the specific country.

Tool Management

Payment System



Be the only one each and every text and image in the software could be edited using the CMS module. You can upload banners, plain HTML, News, promotions, letting your Web Pages come to live and evolve each day.

  • Banner System Customizable

  • Page System Customizable

  • Minisite and Landing page System

  • Promotion Page Customizable

  • Transaction System

  • SMS and Mailer System

Portfolio of Currencies

+100 methods to deposit, transfer and withdraw money for digital gaming via a single wallet solution. As such, our clients are equipped with the latest easy-to-use technologies designed to implement secure online transactions.

  • SSL Protocol

  • Reporting

  • Local integration

Powerful Back-office

Our back-office is fully customizable from a product and reporting perspective and it gives the operator the opportunity to scale and manage several countries, regulations and territories under a single platform back-office.

  • User Friendly

  • KPI Indicator

  • Multi Dashboard

  • Multi-language Back-Office

Payment Providers