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What is a white label casino?

Categories: Casino, iGaming Solutions, Sin categorizarBy Published On: mayo 28th, 2021

A short time ago the access to launching and managing online casino business was limited for the big corporations only. The expensive start up costs allowed the large companies to monopolise the market, while smaller companies could not compete with large investments. 

Recently that has changed with the appearance of white label providers, who are now able to launch a new online casino site in just few weeks at a significantly lower cost. Outsourcing helped to eliminate the struggle and expense of starting a new brand and the amount of operators chasing white label solutions is constantly growing. If you are planning to start your own online gaming business, this article will help you understand the process. 

A White Label is a specific product solution that provider makes with the intention to rent or sell it to other businesses, which will rebrand it and market it as their own (that’s where the name “White Label” come from).  In this case both sides win – service providers are focused on delivering the best possible solution for their clients and marketers have the freedom to invest extra time in advertising and marketing their product.

In the gaming world the white label provider is the one that is in charge of the set up and operations on technical level and the client is responsible for branding and managing. Each party has a certain job and takes part of the profits. 

These days a lot of operators turn to white label solutions and the reasons are a few. The two obvious ones are efficiency and lower operating costs but also the service that involves customisations, and the client has the opportunity to be involved in the process of the creation in every step of the way. Which is  a premise to eliminate any chances for mistakes and shift the responsibility for gaming license application to someone else (all products obtained by a licensed white label provider are usually under the same license). 

The white label solutions usually consist  an essential package that consist: Gaming platform, Gaming content, Tools for player acquisition and retention, Payment processing solutions ,Integrated anti-fraud and risk management module, Licensing, Business Analytics, Full technical and account manager support. While the white label partner takes care of all these details, the clients job is to choose the brand name and customise some of the design.

Once the agreement is done the white label provider will set up a casino software platform and games, and they will start developing a website design that suits the specific requirements. The  client selects a domain where the casino site will be located. The name and the logo are previously discussed and determined and they get along with the existing design, layout adjustments and white label templates.

The provider is also responsible for the  legal aspects, enabling the clients to operate under its online gambling license. Theyll let the The operator use  the existing financial infrastructure  of the provider which contains popular payment systems with credit and debit card processing options.

To go from idea to set-up with a while label usually  takes a few of to a couple of months whereas to set this all up from scratch could take years.  As said before the obvious time benefit to new providers of using a managed platform, allows them to concentrate on the marketing and advertising campaign. In this way in just a month or a bit more the client has a working casino gaming platform ready to welcome its first customers. The industry is booming and for many it is important to get on board as soon as possible.

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