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Prague Gaming Summit

Categories: iGaming Events, Sin categorizarBy Published On: mayo 18th, 2021

The gaming, casino and esports market has been rapidly growing every day over the past few years, attracting new followers discovering that the gaming platforms offer intense and interactive experience that is better than ever. This growth gives opportunity to the business owners to access a highly engaged audience, applying new advertising campaigns including in-game advertising and sports sponsorships.

Nevertheless, the gaming business is sometimes hard to handle and brands often find it difficult to get the attention of the audience in genuine and relevant way.

The Prague gaming summit is an event that gathers business owners in the sports gaming and online casino industry every year since 2017. The event is orientated toward the European gaming market – mostly Central and Easter Europe. The organisers and attendees have authentic perception into how gaming can successfully interact with brands and advertising. The participants in the Prague gaming summit heard first hand about the current movements, tips and tricks for a successful marketing strategy and brand identity core points which can bring success in the gaming campaigns through a series of panels, presentations and lectures.

The event is considered as the leading event in the region that offers wide range of opportunities for local and international operators to get together every year to build network and find out about the newest trends on the market. The program of the summit this year will host experts speakers in the industry who will state their knowledge in the area. Their essential proficiency will bring the attention to the latest and most important topics in the gaming world at the moment.

The first panel of the summit is dedicated to the Innovation in Payments in 2021. One of the speakers is Fabrizio Bergamaschi who is part of VP iGaming. Part of this panel will take also Arin, Andriazian, Genia Gurevitz, Simas Simanauskas and Maayan M. Dana. All of the speakers in are holding positions in leading international companies in the gaming industry with years of experience.

Second topic of the Summit is the Gambling Industry Spotlight: Czech Republic in the pandemic.

The past year significantly changed our lives and has an impact on the global gaming market. The speakers will discuss what has changed and how the marked has adapted during the times of pandemic.

As the event is orientated towards the Central European market the third panel is dedicated to the Slovak and polish gambling industry in review. Anna Wietrzyńska-Ciołkowska – head of the Games and Gambling Practice at DWF Poland and other experts will enlighten the attendees on this specific market.

A regional update about the DACH countries will also take part of the event. Dr. Simon Planzer will present a detailed information regarding the characteristics and common practices in Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s gambling market.

Managing a gaming platform requires certain techniques and skills and one of the topics on the Prague Gaming Summit will be the Digitalization: challenges facing operators and suppliers.The attendees will also have the opportunity to take part of fireside chat which is an informal yet structured interview between the moderator and the guests.

This years Prague Gaming Summit edition will take place in a virtual layout. The 2021 event is adapted to the latest conferencing demands and has become now a virtual event. The summit is focused on the transformation of gaming industry with new innovations, new strategies and technologies. It brings together gambling industry experts to discuss present-day questions that operators are facing recently.

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